We Search for Explanations

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We Search for Explanations

Humankind continuously searches for explanations of the unknown. Many people accept the literal translation of the Holy Bible while others think of it as myth. A third group of people including some scientists say, “Wait a minute. Maybe these phenomena can be proven scientifically.” Through tedious research, they developed plausible explanations for many of the stories accepted as miracles through the centuries. Their work established some validity to the miracles in ways people who lived before the twentieth century could never have constructed.

Take the story we tell in The Black Angel of the Lord. It may not have the scientific support that is given to some of the Biblical miracles (such as the parting of the Red Sea, or the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah) but yet, there is a great deal of evidence vindicating its possibility. Our story revolves around what happened at the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem in 701 B. C. E.

The evidence reveals a developing drought in North Africa which certainly caused the migration of many people through the centuries and changed the future of that world. The evidence also promotes discussion regarding the proof or disproof of the Assyrian siege on Jerusalem and the Assyrian domination of the Mediterranean world.

Considering the fact that Jerusalem was not destroyed by the Assyrians, what explanation can account for the demise of one-hundred eighty-five thousand Assyrians? Did an angel actually fly from heaven at God’s command, or did God use some other means to wipe out the entire Assyrian army? Is the account related in II Kings 19 given as a parable of the event? We can accept the Bible literally and believe an angel slew the Assyrian army overnight, or we can theorize using God’s gift of scientific discovery. Both choices can glorify God as long as we do not limit the Almighty’s power nor forget that our Creator controls everything.

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