Norman and Lynn Reed The Black Angel of the LordPraise for The Black Angel of the Lord:


“The Reeds historical fiction novel presents an exciting read. The Black Angel of the Lord brings together ancient history, biblical storytelling, and creative fiction to electrify readers. Not content to accept the bare outline of allegorical interpretations of history, the Reeds delve into medieval readings of Bible verses and their own imaginations to explore the motivations of ancient historical figures. This is a thrilling story of human love and daring in the midst of political and cultural clashes with lessons for today’s readers about unwavering fidelity to the deep roots of Christian values.”

Dr. Vivian Foss
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

“I found it intriguing how the Reeds took the biblical account of God’s defeat of the Assyrian army and created an historical-fiction account. The Black Angel of the Lord is a reminder that God could have used any number of scenarios and agents to save His people in Jerusalem. I could actually envision this storyline being made into a blockbuster Hollywood movie.”

Reverend Tyler Wagonmaker

“The Black Angel of the Lord reads well and is at times breathtaking. It introduces exciting characters and events that offer intrigue, deception, love, sexual intimacy, and bloody murder. The authors capture our attention as they uncover the mystery of an ancient African arrowhead through the development of three characters from three different cultures.”

Kay Bosgraaf, Ph.D.
Montgomery College
Rockville, Maryland