CCFFW – 5 Stars

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CCFFW – 5 Stars

These days, my Medicare miles, I get a ripple of delight when a first happens. It happens when someone uses a word I have never heard, or when I see a flower or a bird for the first time. I accept these firsts as reminders that life keeps going until death arrives, so I keep living it. And we lived it splendidly last week Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing.

It was an imposing three days for us, filled with readers, writers, publishers, agents and many others, all lovers of words and books! Norman had never been in such an environment and I had attended only one small writers’ conference. Being new authors and sickeningly thrilled with our newly released book, The Black Angel of the Lord, we spoke to almost all who crossed our paths. We even waylaid a few of our favorite presenters to relay how much we enjoyed their sessions. Tracy, I apologize if you missed your friend due to my exuberant interruption. What can I say? The festival ignited us.

The two lovely women in this photograph hold a copy of The Black Angel of the Lord between them. They each bought our book and to them and all who read our blogs or view our website, “Thank you!” We are happy to share the story of Ramtouse s, Holofernes and Judith with you.

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