About the Authors


I was born and raised in Chicago. My education, from elementary through college, all came from Chicago schools. After high school, I spent three years in the U.S. Army. Life in Korea was a true eye opener for me. The post-war life for the Koreans was much worse than any I had seen or experienced as a black man in America. My perspective on life was greatly altered.

I met and married my first wife when I returned home. We had two lovely daughters and worked hard to give them a good life. After working at various jobs I returned to school and earned an associate degree in engineering C.A.D. Now I am experiencing life in retirement.

I saw myself as a big-town man but as retirement age approached I met my current wife, Lynn. We courted long-distance, married one lovely spring day, and continued the long-distance relationship. My job was still going strong and the Chicago  house did not sell, so we had a weekend marriage for three years before I moved to Michigan. All my life I had enjoyed the sun rising over Lake Michigan, now I get great pleasure viewing the beautiful sunsets over Lake Michigan.


Books were my first window to life outside the farm where I was born. There were no movies or television for me until my sixteenth year, so words have always been important to me. Still, I did not see myself as a writer. I married in my mid-twenties, we were blessed with three children, and when they were teenagers, my husband died. Half my heart died with him and the other half went to the children. They became my sole purpose to live.

Norman entered my life as “retirement” approached. With him came renewed happiness and purpose. We talked about stars, planets; supernovas, football, basketball, the Bible, churches, our children and grandchildren. We travelled. We attended the theater, went to the movies and shows, and marveled at the brilliant night skies. Of course I said “Yes” when he proposed marriage.